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Addis Ababa | Partner


Getahun Tesema founded and has led one of the largest rural community impact organizations in Ethiopia, Bright Hope. In his role he has stablished (14) k-12 schools for five thousand disadvantaged children, and (6) technical schools training 4200 urban youths in different trades helping them establish small scale business.

Bright Hope teams have also built capacity of (11) major government hospitals, and empowered 12,000 disadvantaged families, and over 500,000 youth farmers by providing selected seeds and modern farming.

Getahun has developed training programs and deployed to 300 districts and 300 community change agents. He has organized and led local NGO projects and shipments to provided nutritional food, medical supplies, medical equipment, and tents for five million Sudanese, Somali, and Eritrean refugees.

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